Search Engine Marketing increases every website’s on-line visibility. We follow “White Hat” search engine marketing techniques to drive quality and valid traffic to your website. We offer comprehensive, conversion-oriented Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions and we have experts in Google AdWords. We develop customized SEM campaigns optimized for your online advertising needs and offer innovative SEM services to meet competition in the ever-changing internet world.

Our search engine marketing specialist will offer you the service and make your website go on pace in online. Our best practices in Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) includes optimizing website, submitting sites to directories, getting site indexed in search engines, managing pay-per-click campaigns, writing and publishing optimized press releases and articles, using blogs and RSS, marketing via an affiliate program, and much more


Strategically effective & Result-focused PPC Services at Cost-effective Price

S.No Package Specifications
Package Variants
1 Skill Sets (SEM Techniques)
2 SEO Tools Usage
3 PPC Account / Campaign Setup
4 Configuration of PPC Campaign
5 Number of Keywords to be Managed Up to 5 Keywords 5 to 10 Keywords 10 to 15 Keywords
6 Additional Keyword Suggestions Up to 3 Up to 5
7 Number of Ad Groups Creation 1 3 Up to 5
8 Number of Text Ads Creation 3 5 7
9 Web Analytics Setup & Linking to PPC Campaign
1 Conversion Optimizer Implementation & Tracking
2 Test Campaign Implementation (A/B Testing,
Multivariate Testing)
3 Landing Page Optimization
4 Adjusting Bids (Manual regular bid updation)
5 Campaign Tweaking
6 Keyword Review & Update
7 Listing Text Review & Update
8 Review of log files for KW opportunities (Negative Keywords Analysis)
1 Keyword Research & Analysis
2 Competitive Analysis
1 SEM Tests Performance
2 Monitoring & Running Ad Performance Reports
3 Ad Performance Reporting Fortnightly Fortnightly Fortnightly
4 ‘Cost Per Click’ Tracking & Reports
1 Email
2 Chat
3 Telephone
1 Campaign Completion Schedule: Increase traffic to your site & improve your sales conversions 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months (1 Year)
**All monthly transactions will be charged to your credit card automatically. Prices do not include your Google ‘pay per click’ fees. Google will bill those fees to your credit card directly. You decide your daily Google budget and this can be varied at any stage simply by notifying us. This provides transparency with your charges – no hidden fees are added to your Google fees.
**No forms of guarantee will be provided in the event of any changes in the Search Engine Ad Listings of your website due to the fluid nature of search engine algorithmic and protocol changes that occur very frequently.

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