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Static Website

Static in general is considered as the thing that is not changed, also in such a way it suits for websites that is delivered to the user exactly the way in which it is to be launched, Static Website delivers information without any bells and whistles. Compared to other types of development Static website development is easy, economical and cheap to host. Static Website designing is highly preferred for the environment where services or products updation is not required. Static Web sites are more suitable for downloading information, images etc. In general static websites are all easy to navigate and browser friendly. Creating a static website requires minimum usage of scripts and HTML coding.

In Digital Atrium our static web designing services starts with understanding the clients’ requirement, analysing and designing the appropriate lay out which translates their business logic into the desired website. As a reputed web design firm, we offer numerous web solutions and services including static web design and static webpage design services. Our professional web designers and web developers helps us to create a niche in the field of web designing.

On the top we feel responsible to deliver our projects with in a time frame. Also the positive qualities of Static Web design are consistency and less requirement of scripting as well as HTML coding, which enable accurate information to be displayed. Our clients prefer to use our solution offerings as they are of course of the best quality. Here are the advantages of designing static websites with Digital Atrium.

  • Easy to create web designs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Browser compatible and easy to navigate
  • Necessary changes can be made by the user in the web design layout
  • Related images and information can be downloaded easily

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