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Our Social media optimization company creates a brand name and markets your products/solution offerings online by formulating and implementing different Social Media Optimization strategies. Our Social media optimization solution provides an opportunity to build a business by engaging business stakeholders (customers/employees) in all social media platforms interactively. We’ll help you create social media calendar and plan ahead to Publish content on social networking sites

With our SMO services in Coimbatore, your websites can get visitors from social networks other than search engines. We offer you the best Social Media Optimization services, primarily use highly interactive social media sites and build a great community of people with the same interests. It is a great way to build website popularity by connecting with people to your brand name who have similar interests.


Creative, Viral & Strategically Effective Social Media Optimization Services at Cost-effective Price

S.No Package Specifications
Package Variants
1 Buzz Monitoring – Industry Analysis, Requirements Gathering & Feasibility
2 Social Media Tools Usage
3 Scope Time for Brand Visibility** Depends upon the industry type &
period of social media campaign
Depends upon the industry type &
period of social media campaign
Depends upon the industry type &
period of social media campaign
4 Brand & Reputation Monitoring (Google Alerts)
1 Profile Creation
2 Custom Landing Page Design
3 Posts Per Month 5/Month 20/Month 60/Month
4 Geo targeted fan / friends seeding
5 Group Creation & configuration
6 Daily Updates in Group 20/Month 40/Month
7 Engagements through polls, voting, events and other creative methods
8 Respond to Comments & Replies
9 Notify Client with Responses to Comments
10 Integration of other brand assets into your Facebook profile (videos,
audio, articles, etc)
1 Profile Creation
2 Custom background design
3 Daily Tweets
4 Twitter friend seeding
5 Follow Potential Fans / Followers / Prospects
6 Responding Fresh Followers
7 Respond to direct messages and mentions
8 Follow Category Events (if any)
1 Profile Creation
2 Relevant groups – interaction/engagement
3 Posting of article summaries in the groups
4 Query response management
1 Videos for submission (videos to be provided by client)
2 Youtube Channel Creations
3 Title Creation
4 Descriptor Creation
5 Tag Keywords
6 Thumbnail Selection
7 Account Creation on other Video Sharing Websites
8 Video uploading on other Video Sharing Websites
1 Profile Creation
2 Increasing Circle and Management
3 Engagements through polls, voting and other creative methods
4 Daily Updates
5 Event Updations Whereever Applicable Whereever Applicable Whereever Applicable
1 Interaction through Q&A Sites Like Yahoo,Ask,Quora etc
2 Monitoring of relevent questions in selected categories
3 Notify the client about the question
4 Posting of Answers
5 Respond to the comments
6 Incorporating Links to Websites
1 Creating Account for Blog
2 Publishing Blogs and Articles
3 Distribution of Summary / Link to the Blogs and Articles
1 Social Media Performance Monitoring
2 Monthly Social Media Performance & Web Analytics Reports
1 Email
2 Chat
3 Telephone
1 Project Completion Schedule: Increase your brand identity, drive good
volume of target audience to your site & maximize your ROI
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months (1 Year)
**No forms of guarantee will be provided in the event of any changes in the Search Engine Listings or Rankings of your website due to the fluid nature of search engine algorithmic and protocol changes that occur very frequently.

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