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A cost-effective website development methodology widely used nowadays is that of CMS website development. Here, the website has Content Management System (CMS) built in to help site owners manage the existing content online in the way they prefer. Good content gives a positive look and feel to a website and helps businesses improve credibility.

Digital Atrium a professional CMS website development company in India offers secure and scalable enterprise-class CMS development with many features. With substantial experience, we can customize WordPress CMS for the diverse requirements of clients. Our CMS website developers have ample experience to make your website exceedingly user-friendly. Our CMS development services enable you to edit and modify, add or delete pages, do banner ads management, articles/blog / news and other types of content management, site statistics, etc,

Here are our key highlights in CMS website development

  • Websites Updates are easy
  • Improve the google ranking
  • Available more Free Themes and Plugins
  • Future upgrades are easy
  • Adding website content is fast and simple.

Sectors We Served: Manufacturing, Service, e-Store, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Travel, etc.

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Introducing User-friendly, Flexible & Powerful CMS Solution at Cost-Effective Price

S.No Package Specifications
Package Variants
1 Design and Development of Homepage & Subpage 1 1 1 1
2 Responsive Coding / Mobile & Tablet Support (Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3)
3 Number of Subpages Limitation 1 to 10 10 to 20 20 to 30 Unlimited
4 Slider on Home Page
5 Content Integration for the number of pages Upto 10 Upto 20 Upto 30 Upto 40
Essentials Engagements Enhancements Extras
Upto 2 Upto 4 Upto 6 Upto 10
7 Feedback Form / Enquiry Form Upto 1 Upto 2 Upto 3 Upto 5
1 Lower One-Time Costs : Reasonable charges, one-time deployment fee and
low recurring fee well suit within your budgetary constraints.
2 Creative Design : Creative web design using latest web trends by meeting
core usability requirements to meet your business objectives.
3 One Website for All Devices: Build a single website that works on multiple devices. Creating one website that adapts to the user, thus having one website for all devices, reducing the cost of development and maintenance considerably.
4 Bootstrap: We do HTML development in Bootstrap standards
5 Flexibility & Scalability : Great CMS solution for small web sites, but it can grow
to support larger, more complex requirements.
6 Add-on Components: Wide range of customized add-on components to make
your website more interactive and dynamic.
7 User Friendly: Responsive website adjusts to any screen size, making it more user friendly. Responsive Websites provide users with an excellent user experience, irrespective of the device they would be using.
8 SEO Friendly: Responsive Websites are beneficial with respect to search engine optimization. It eliminates the chance of duplicate content since you do not have to build multiple versions of your web pages for various devices. One site means one set of links to build, and no annoying redirects to add to server load, site speed and maintenance hassles.
9 Outstanding Customer Support : Knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly
support team to address the issues without hassle.
1 Admin Interface: Polished and friendly-looking admin interface for adding / editing contents with a powerful dashboard.
2 Adding a New Page: New pages can be added easily (*Page limit should be within the scope of the CMS package) by any administrator with the appropriate permissions.
3 Ease of Editing: Quickly find pages what you want to edit using “Tree View” option and edit easily with a single click.
4 WYSIWYG Editor with Spell & Grammar Checker: Get an experience of using MS Word and keep your site up-to-date & error-free.
5 Restore to Previous Page Versions: Easily access the old version of pages, compare and restore them to their previous state.
6 Previewing Before Publishing: Easily preview the pages / posts to see how they will look before publishing.
1 Robust & Secure Administration: Online administration to Create, Read, Update & Delete (CRUD) files & manage content from anywhere.
2 User Management: Create multiple number of users and assign role-based permissions / previleges to specific pages, posts, etc.
3 Menu Management: Menu Management to easily arrange / reorder your menu items in a drag and drop interface.
4 Drag-N-Drop Content Editing: Extremely convenient drag and drop interface for visual construction of web pages.
5 Comment Moderation: Prevent comments from appearing on your site without your express approval.
6 Mobile-based Site Administration: Easily control your website thru most Smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android)
7 Web Analytics Solution: Get rich insights on your website traffic and marketing effectiveness in your dashboard itself.
1 Browser Compatibility: Compatible with browsers such as Internet Explorer (8 & Above), Firefox (3.6 & Above), Chrome, Safari & Opera.
2 Broken Link Checker: Automatically checks your posts, comments & other content for broken links / missing images & trigger alerts.
3 SPAM Filter: Powerful SPAM filter option to protect your website from comment / trackback spam.
4 Caching Engine: Lets you load your web pages quickly thereby reducing overall website loading time.
5 SEO Tools: SEO-friendly add-on to add titles, descriptions, keywords for your web pages & automatically ping sitemap for search engines.
6 Front-end Content Editor: Allow inline editing of your pages / posts from the front end of your browser using the styling of your website.
7 Security Scan: This tool checks your website for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions.
1 Training Session: A little end-user CMS training session either at the ANGLER premises or via web teleconference. 30 Mins 30 Mins 1 Hour 2 Hours
2 Self Learning Tutorial: Self Learning CMS Tutorial with Do It Yourself Videos for your future reference.
1 Project Completion Schedule: Have your website up and running within the scheduled calendar period. 2-3 weeks* 3-4 weeks* 4-5 weeks* 5-6 weeks*

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