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S.No Package Specifications
Package Variants
1 Account Set Up (If You Do Not Have an Account)
2 Facebook Page Design and Set Up
3 Detailed Setting Configuration for Optimal Business Impact
4 Customized Cover Image with Your Branding and Logo
5 Coordinating Profile Image with Your Branding and Logo
6 Customized Facebook Profiel / Page (Vanity) URL
7 Linking Facebook & Twitter to ensure cross-platform posting
8 Your First Facebook Wall Posts / Status Updates 5 Posts 20 Posts 25 Posts
9 Spam & Negative Posts Monitoring
10 Inclusion of a Youtube Video (Video file & YouTube link is required)
11 Customized Tabs in Page
12 Custom Cover Image
13 Facebook Page ‘Likes’ Promotions
1 Facebook Group Creation
2 Facebook Events Creation
1 Facebook Performance Monitoring
2 Status Tracking & Insights Reporting
3 Tracking with Google Analytics (Add tracking to your page to analyse
visitor information)
1 Email
2 Chat
3 Telephone
1 Project Completion Schedule: Increase your brand identity, drive good
volume of target audience to your site & maximize your ROI
3 Month 6 Months 12 Months
**No forms of guarantee will be provided to have constant likes on the profile due to audience nature and interests may change very frequently.

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