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Video SEO agency in India

Search Engine Optimization for videos is similar to a web page and the optimization is for your videos on the YouTube channel. We adopt and follow the best video marketing strategies for your business, by our YouTube video SEO, we increase the visibility of your videos for competitive keywords on YouTube and Google.

Our YouTube marketing agency in India provides organic SEO video marketing services and YouTube optimizations that can drive organic traffic for channel growth. Our video SEO content for the YouTube channel creates a great impact in all your videos hits, engagement, viewership, and increase in subscriber numbers.

Our video SEO agency gives assistance and the ability to actually implement the original video content, which shows a direct improvement in search engine results and more importantly these leads to higher conversions.

Reasons you need our video SEO services

  • Get more channel subscribers
  • Boost your views
  • Increase comments
  • Get more likes & share


Ethical, Turnkey & Result-Focused SEO Services at Cost-effective Price

S.No Package Specifications
Package Variants
1 No. of Videos 1 3 6 12
2 No.of Keywords/Video 2 3 6 12
3 Landing Page Creation
4 Scope Time for SE Listing** Depends upon the competetive level
of targeted KW for SE Ranking
Depends upon the competetive level
of targeted KW for SE Ranking
Depends upon the competetive level
of targeted KW for SE Ranking
Depends upon the competetive level
of targeted KW for SE Ranking
5 Listing Possibility (Not Guaranteed)** 1 KWs SE Position on Page #1 1 KWs SE Position on Page #1 3 KWs SE Position on Page #1 7 KWs SE Position on Page
1 Keyword Research & Analysis
2 Competitive Analysis
3 Website Structure Optimization
4 Youtube Channel Analysis (If present)
5 URL Structure Normalization (Video landing
1 Video Landing Page Creation
2 Video Landing Page Meta Optimization
3 Youtube Channel Creation
4 Youtube Meta Optimization
5 Social media profile & website links
6 Video XML Sitemap creation
1 Content Optimization (For Squidoo, Hub
1 Video Sharing site submission (Daily
Motion, Vimeo etc)
2 Video Submission in Video Embedding Sites
3 Bookmarking Submissions
4 Video Sharing in Social Media sites
(Facebook, Google+)
5 Video Ratings, Comments, Subscription
6 Squidoo Lens Creation
7 Videos turned into podcasts
8 Submissions to Podcast & RSS Feed Sites
1 Monthly SERP Keyword Ranking Reports
2 Youtube Video Analysis Report
1 Email
2 Chat
3 Telephone
1 Project Completion Schedule: Increase your
keyword rankings, drive good volume of
organic traffic to your site & improve your
3 Months 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months (1 Year)
**No forms of guarantee will be provided in the event of any changes in the Search Engine Listings or Rankings of your website due to the fluid nature of search engine algorithmic and protocol changes that occur very frequently.

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