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Website Hosting & Maintenance Services

Website maintenance helps our clients to keep it corrected, updated, and relevant. As a leading website maintenance company in India, we consistently take over the responsibility for updating and operating your website with an emphasis on what’s important to you, as they are the medium that showcases your business online.

Regular monitoring of the website is essential for keeping your online business live and running smoothly. Just outsource your website maintenance service to us and be worry-free; this allows you to stay focused on your business activities and development. As websites are updated often, we have built different website maintenance plans that suit every website as per the current market scenario.


Introducing User-friendly, Flexible & Powerful CMS Solution at Cost-Effective Price

S.No CMS Website AMC Changes Specifications
Package Variants
CMS Lite CMS Pro CMS Power CMS Premium
WEBSITE CHANGES Estimated Time (in Hours) for One Year
1 Content changes for the number of instances 4 6 8 10
2 Image changes for the number of instances (Sub Pages) 2 3 3 4
3 Home Page Banner changes 1 1 1 1
4 Dynamic Modules Content Update: Updating / publishing the content & images for News, Events, Photo Gallery, Product Gallery, Careers, Blog, Videos & Testimonials modules 6 8 12 16
5 Menu Structure Changes: Updating the menu navigation sequence and changing the existing menu names 1 1 1 1
Total Time (in Hours) 14 19 25 32
6 Dynamic form checking: Checking the dynamic functionality of existing online forms (E.g: Feedback / Enquiry / Register / Sign Up, etc.,) once in a quarter 1 1 2 3
7 Website DB Backup: Taking a entire online backup of website Database (DB) once in a quarterly basis 1 2 3 3
8 CMS Framework Version Upgrade: Updating the latest version of CMS framework (on a quarterly basis) 3 4 4 4
9 Security Scan: This tool checks your website for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions once in a quarter 2 2 2 2
Total Time (in Hours) 7 9 11 12
1 Changes Completion Schedule: Website changes done within the scheduled calendar period. 1 year* 1 year* 1 year* 1 year*
Total Time for Website Changes & Website Maintenance (in Hours) 21 28 36 44
Total Time for Website Changes & Website Maintenance (in Days) 3 4 5 6
**All textual content and all images / photographs are to be provided by the client
**High resolution, ready-to-use photographs should provided by the client. Any edits we do in the images / pictures to enhance it further will involve additional time & efforts and cost. This cost will be covered in the overall project development cost.
**If the AMC hours are exhausted within the AMC Duration, it has to be signed again

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