4 Blackhat SEO that kills your Website

From the famous saying “change is constant”, technology also keeps updating day by day. The search engine giant – Google says, “it’s more than 200 ranking algorithm factors” also undergoes the same cycle. Along with massive progress & regress, Google keeps the SEO logics & techniques updated at times when need.
According to a recent survey among web optimizers and online marketers, more than 85% of online enquiries are happening via websites. And 70% of business / purchases are confirmed when the website takes the users to secured payment without any breakages. Also a website is ranked and recommended by both users & search engines based on its ethical SEO factors. Here let’s see how a bad SEO habit kills your website in-terms of ranking & user experience.

Keyword stuffing: –

Most people consider having keyword rich content of a website can rank higher, but the real fact is perfect & apt usage of keywords only pushes the website ahead of its competitors. To rank a website higher & reach more popularity among web users keyword stuffing is handled by money making companies.
Instead to stuff and dump keywords in the website, the recommended way is proper usage of the key phrases according to the content density.

Avoiding Google Tools: –

Since Google is the most sought search engine than others, neglecting SEO tools from them is considered as major blender. Google Webmaster and Google analytics provides more data on the website’s status like html errors, click-through-ratio, backlinks, search queries etc.
Most of these data are important measurable metrics to make a website perform better.

Irrelevant Link building: –

In-other words, this can be referred as off-page optimization. Submitting a website to an unrecognized third party leads to redundant traffic with high chances of spamming the domain. This ultimately results in poor business to the website. More companies promise its clients for large number of backlinks with this irrelevant link building technique. Though it may provide short term result, this is not suggested for a successive long run.

Neglecting recommended techniques: –

Though SEO plays a major role in a website’s lifecycle, it has no official code languages similar to HTML / PHP / Dot Net etc. With minimum HTML codes, SEO is handled perfectly in the way of smart advertising of a product or service. For example, having a mobile compatible website for smartphone users yields more results than having a desktop version for them. Recently Google recommended Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP to fetch better results.
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