4 Signs Its Time to Redesign your Business Website

For every business the first impression of their brand is a website, it tells the visitors about your product or services effectively. So your business website should be modern, accessible, complete, and useful. And also your website should behave like a 24/7 storefront communicating with your target audience on an ongoing basis and converting browsers into buyers just like a salesperson.

In fact, 87% of shoppers do their product searches before buying. So website plays a vital role in marketing your brand, the first impression should not be misturn. Here we are going to explore potential issues related to both the front and backend components of a website that can help you determine whether your business site needs a full overhaul or not. The following are 5 signs that indicate you might need to redesign your website.

Outdated Appearance:

The major concern of business owners for their websites is a visually outdated design. Website design trends and technology get updated every year just like fashion or interior design. Always users associate the visual appearance of a business website as equal to the quality of its product or services. Using an outdated website design like poor text & hyperlinks with low-scaled images can make your business either look neglected at best or abandoned at worst.  It also shows that you are far from the new current trends and gives a sign to redesign a website.  When planning to redesign your website work with a web development & design agency or creative partners to bring a visually appealing business site and improve visitors’ first impression.

Less Responsive / Mobile-Friendly:

Based on the research in 2021, 54.4% of global website traffic is from mobile devices. It shows that the website design of any business should be mobile-friendly.  Website designers strictly create separate mobile website designs are passed.  Creating two distinct website designs for mobile or desktop completely vanished. Now comes the website trend of responsive web development. Website design & development companies can redesign your business website as more responsive adapting to both desktop and all types of mobile screens flexibly.

Low Website Speed:

For a user, the more frustrating thing is a website that doesn’t load quickly. Visitors never wait or like to experience the website design or content loading for more than 3 seconds. Google research shows that 53% of users bounce from a website loading more than 3 seconds. As result, the slow load speed also affects your search engine ranking. Web design and development companies can improve your page loading speed by creating clear & simple user experience designs.

Low Conversion and High Bounce Rate:

There are two metrics that measure whether your website is designed immersive to attract and engage users effectively. A bounce rate is calculated when a user leaves your website after browsing a single page, that insists they haven’t read your content or product properly. A conversion is if a user engages on your website through lead forms instead of bouncing. If the bounce rate is high automatically the conversion level is low this indicates poor user experience in your business website and alerts a redesign work immediately.

If you feel experiencing any of the problems outlined by us above, it’s time to discuss with our experienced website designers to get creative design ideas for your business website. Digital Atrium a reliable website redesign and development company has created more than 1000 creative websites for our valuable clients. Reach us today.