How to choose the right website design and development company?

The marketers of a business or service will be at a loss to choose the right website design and development agency from tens of thousands of such agencies and companies available in the market. Both companies and agencies have their strengths and weaknesses too. The marketer has to first get the priorities right to build a presence online and for a digital marketing strategy. The right approach to choose the right website development partner is to basically ask some relevant questions.

Does the agency have the right resources for designing and developing the concerned website? Skills needed include Graphic Design, content development, forming a brand strategy, aligning a content strategy, working on a user experience, on the Frontend Development, CMS Implementation resources and Hosting/DevOps resources.

The next important question relates to the budget and scope of the website. The website development company can offer a better price range if they have most resources within and need little to be outsourced. Whereas, if the agency outsources to meet your requirements, the budget could become bigger than expected. Will the cost include content strategy information architecture and SEO, is another question, as many companies may not include them.

Another way is to ask others in the business. Get referrals to narrow down on your choice of a partner for developing the website. Ask co-workers and colleagues in the industry, or similar verticals, or even your vendors and technology partners. They all can help in the process and help you hit upon the right designing/development agency.

The next question is to ask how long it would take and who are the people working on it. Another aspect is whether to put someone from your company onsite, to facilitate this process and sort out things. The next question pertains to what platform and CMS will be adopted and if the content is editable. Make sure you will be able to edit content after hosting, without any help or additional costs.

Another point is that if you have an existing website, you must develop a transition plan to not miss traffic and revenue while changing over. ANGLER is a full service provider and has all resources to give the right solution/package for your online presence and strategy, so kindly visit, or leave us an enquiry.