Flash Vs PPT Presentation – Which one to choose?

Currently, with the existing strong competition in market presentations are gaining an increasing amount of importance, as they are captivating visuals, plus a good dose of creativity. It is not enough to just have good creative content to accomplish attention and public interest, it is also become crucial to have interest grabbing presentation to reach the targeted audience with the actual information they are looking for.

Creating presentations will be a good idea, but the mode of presentation matters. Here many business owners struggle to choose which type of presentation will suitable for their solution offering, either they have to choose between Flash or Power point presentation. Every solution will have its own pros and cons, here we have listed the advantages of Flash and PPT presentations to help businesses choose the best way of presentation.

Advantages of Presentations:

  • No need of internet access
  • Highly engaging
  • visual effects help to get your message clearer and understandable to your audience

Flash presentation:

Flash technology can add interactivity and a ‘wow’ factor to the presentation. It greatly engages the viewers by showcasing the real value of business, products or services. If it is embedded properly, a Flash home page may look great and get indexed on search engines too. However, done correctly, your Flash presentation can help to present a powerful image and show buyers and sellers that you know technology.

Power point presentation

PowerPoint allows you to use images, audio and video to have a greater visual impact. These greatly helps a presenter be more interactive with the audience. PowerPoint can also be used in a number of different effective ways to communicate with your audience. Slides are completely customizable that perfectly fit with your needs. Depending on your approach the presentation can be text-heavy, image-heavy or some combination of both. Combination of the two approaches give listeners the benefits of both visual aids and notes.

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