Importance of Onpage Optimization in SEO

Search engine is nothing but a set of algorithms, following various factors to rank your page for certain Keyword. When it comes to optimizing a website or blog posts, there are two factors Onpage Optimization and Offpage plays the big role. Onpage Optimization have a crucial part in search engine optimization.

Speaking about, Onpage SEO, we optimize our content for our target keyword. This includes use of proper heading, keyword placement, content quality and many other factors. We will look into them one by one in this detailed post.

Important aspects for Onpage optimization

Blog post title

Most important On-page factor which plays a big role in deciding whether our blog posts will be doing well on search engines is up to blog page title. We should make sure we are using targeted keywords or phrase towards the beginning of Title tag. And we should keep limited Title Characters length up to 65 Characters only with spaces.

Heading Tags

You should use heading tags like h1, h2, h3 and h4 etc. to highlight various headings, sub-headings and important points. H1 tag used for blog title, h2, h3 and h4 can be used in blog post body section, make sure heading tags should not be repeated it may be considered as negative SEO.

Keyword Density

You should keep the keyword density to up to 1.5% percent with mix of LSI keywords. The main keyword should be placed once in first paragraph and last paragraph. Highlight with bold, italic and underline for the important keywords and phrase in your blog.

Meta Tags

Meta tags plays lead role in Onpage optimization they are meta description and meta keyword. You should add unique and relevant meta keyword and meta description for each of your blog post. You need to use targeted keywords in meta description and keyword, description limit is 160 char with spaces.

Content Interlinking

By linking out to related blog posts from your blog to send additional page click and traffic to your website. Interlinking of blog posts naturally will help your blog readers spend more time with your blog and website, it will reduce your website bounce rate. It also helps in increasing rankings on search engines for your targeting keywords.

Onpage optimization one of the greatest strength for improving rank and traffic according to SEO perspectives. By this following tips you can definitely make more effective to SEO. We digital atrium provides best SEO solution for your business with well experienced professionals, Need additional help? Contact Digitalatrium