Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly using bootstrap

Many users across the world started using their smartphones to surf the web, so many business owners are looking for ways to make their websites mobile-friendly. This means improving or enhancing the websites adaptable for smaller screen sizes and making the website auto adaptable by shrinking things and moving stuff around this way of website customization is responsive web design”, the design becomes responsive when it fits in the user’s device. So if the user has a small screen, the elements will rearrange to show you main things first.

Here are the advantages of mobile friendly websites

– Improved mobile search rankings, helps to keep websites ranked in mobile search results
– Better user experience, a non-mobile-friendly site can lead to lose potential customers
– Quicker speeds, a mobile-friendly site will offer much faster option for viewers. If the website isn’t optimized for mobile use, it can load slowly and may even drive people away

Advantages of mobile friendly websites are even more than described, but the solution should be cost effective & time saving, to develop such websites efficient and trending technology is must. Bootstrap the trending technology is widely used in mobile friendly website designing.
Below are the advantages of choosing bootstrap for mobile-friendly website designing:

Speed of Development

Bootstrap help website designers to use ready-made coding blocks in order to assist them in setting up the desired web solution, thus it saves ample hours of coding.

Consistency & Responsiveness

Bootstrap ensures consistency regardless of the developer who is working in the website development, consistency of the search results will be uniform across all platforms so output remains the same whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Bootstrap designs are tailor made and customizable according to the project specifications, Developers can pick and choose the features that are needed for the website and the rest can be left.
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