Purposefully choosing photos for your website design

Today, we have to deliver what consumers want, also when and how they want it.  So, you have to keep up with the changing scenario and deliver. Visuals on your website communicate in a compelling way. Therefore, choose your photographs diligently.  Pick on the right pictures, as it is an essential component to a great website design. Read more to find out how to select the right images.

Benefit from suitable photos.

People prefer to watch rather than to read, so visuals really count. Try to optimise it for SEO to gain traffic. Updating and changing of photos should also be considered over time, as repeat visitors or regular users may like the website to be dynamic and interesting.

To get better response to the people photographs, these should resemble your target audience. A similar thumb-rule goes for photos showing subjects, objects and actions relevant to the surfing visitor. Young audiences will like to see young people doing things, whereas senior citizens will be interested in photos of older people presented. Don’t use stereotypes as they will be look dumb! The aim is to push up user engagement.

Make photos effective.

Choose engaging and actionable images/photos is priority. Photographs are not just a decorative element. They should play a more compelling role. Photos should motivate or encourage a positive reaction from the audience, such as a photograph of a toy that drives the viewer to buy, in a website selling toys and dolls.

Use photos of the right quality/resolution.

  • Don’t let your photos pixelate. Avoid blowing up small images (as they blur). Low-quality photos can spoil your website’s appearance. It will impact on your credibility and conversion ratio too. Choose quality photos that match your objectives and the brand.
  • Strive for originality as it is good for your website. It’s worth hiring a photographer to create your own pictures. If budget is a constraint, use stock photography, licensed images and check legality. But avoid the ones too generic, clich © or unimaginative.
  • Stock photos could be large in dimension or file size. Re-size the images and choose the right file formats to keep the pictures looking good. Demand for stock photos has been found to be rising recently.

Consider organisation and display aspects.

  • Organise the photos logically and creatively without confusion, to interest visitors to your site. Don’t cram too many photos in one place for a product. Use separate ones, but arrange them well if many.
  • Consider orientation and size when choosing your photos/images. Place photos horizontally or vertically or crop them properly for your site’s design needs. A square image could be flexibly used as required.
  • As smartphones users multiply in numbers, your website design and photos should correspond to the screen sizes of mobile phones and tablets.
  • Choose the right background image for your website design. This is a sure way to create interest or to deliver your message and beautify your home-page.
  • Consider your colour and tones carefully. They go a long way to represent your brand. The brand dictates the brightness or lightness of colours and tones. It depends on your customers’ likes and tastes which you wish to address or satisfy.
  • Your photos should have a consistent style in cropping and orientation and from colours to filters.

Think about galleries and slide shows.

  • Sometimes your website needs to present plenty of photos for a purpose. But they must be presented appropriately so, opt for a photo-gallery or a slideshow.
  • A photo-gallery is a great way to share images. Users can view without scrolling tediously over columns and rows, with thumbnails if needed.
  • The other way is to view by adding a simple slideshow, and save space too. Viewers can access the photographs easily.

All the above will go a long way to increase conversions. At Digital Atrium we provide a host of web-based solutions suitable for your business, trade or service.

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