Top Digital marketing trends

The world of internet is persistently changing with the rapid developments in technology each year. Nowadays, the consumers and the newly-digitalised businesses have started to interact using the apps and websites instead of physical staff. Certainly, digital marketing will be the key that drivers this change.

According to recent statistics it’s been estimated that 52,625 GB of Internet traffic is being consumed every second and is undoubtedly increasing with each passing moment, the significant reason behind this is marketing techniques that became digital. No doubt now it’s the time for digital marketing to rule online platforms.

Also a survey result states that 71% of respondents say they plan to use Digital marketing to acquire new customers in 2018.

Here are the top digital marketing trends that greatly supports businesses in 2018


Videos are the perfect way to convey things in a media, they easily grab user attention and if it is done in a right way then businesses can see growth upto 113 %, apart from real-time videos Live streaming takes a major part in marketing. If a user likes a video and if it is upto their need surely the user will share that in social media that will reach lots and lots of users. Concentrating on videos for any product /service will help businesses more than they require.

Virtual assistance

The next big deal-breaker is chatbots, within few years 85% of customer service interactions will be handled by bots. The trend has started to dominate the industry already as 27 per cent of the people are unable to figure out whether they spoke to a person or a chatbots in their last customer service interaction. Opting to virtual assistance help businesses to boost productivity and improves the quality of marketing results.

Content marketing

Content will be the centrepiece of marketing strategies crushing in the digital world, when you make your customers feel comfortable with your contents, they react in positive ways. Customer reviews and ratings gives businesses a great impact and helps to keep coming back to the site for more. Key decisions are made about any product or solution based their on online content

Digital marketing in recent days are likely to become more much analytical and more broad, entering new platforms, situations and mediums, but it will continue to be focused heavily on organic search and improve your search results. To get the trends and updates on Digital marketing stay tuned to our blogs, for details visit Digital Atrium