UI Design Ideas and Tips for Great UX

UI/UX industry today has a prominent place on usability of the end-users and has an enormous emphasis on usability. Where UI stands for ‘user interface’ and UX stands for ‘User experience’. The success of a web design now depends on the design of user interface, where we can say UI design is one core service for a website designing company that concentrates in providing desktop applications and web applications. Always a great UI give users a great experience that makes them satisfied and owners can gain higher ROI.

Here are the few tips to be taken care while designing UI gives great User Experience

Know the audience

Before making UI designs for any website or web application, knowing the end user is significant what things they would like and how they would like to interact with the system etc., can be analysed and this helps well in designing UI.

Catchy and user-friendly Icons

Catchy icons will make the website more user friendly. Eye catchy icons and buttons will attract users and make them feel comfortable while navigating into the same and also at the same time the icons should be easily understandable to increase the total user experience (UX).

Easily readable fonts

UI designers suggest using different fonts for different section of the website. Example, header text will be different from text paragraph fonts. However, every used font should be easily readable by the users. If users find it difficult to read the contents on your website, they will hardly come back. Using easily readable but attractive fonts is one of the ways of increasing the UX.

Check UX

The best way to gain great user experience (UX) is analysing the website repeatedly. The developed app should be tested in user perspective so that the developed solution will grab many user’s attentions. Also collecting the feedback from user experience after visiting the web application will help in arriving with improvements.

All the above discussed tips will improve interface, and offer a rich experience to users. Development and designing solutions from the right UI, UX designing company will help you incorporate the trends in an innovative fashion. We @ Digital Atrium offer services for designing and developing creative and intuitive websites. Contact us to get your website designed with trending UI and UX.