5 eCommerce Development Key Trends to Increase Visitors and Sales in 2022

In this digital era, online shopping has become the most feasible form of shopping for people to run their regular life activities.  Considering the rapid evolution and adaption of the eCommerce industry among people, most of the retailers are moving their business to an online presence.

As the eCommerce industry is growing all over the world, creating an eCommerce website for your business incorporated with the latest new trends of eCommerce development services helps you to keep up with customer demands and stand out among the competition.

Here are 5 eCommerce development trends in 2022 that can evaluate and dominate your business in the eCommerce industry.

1. Voice Commerce:

As the usage of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google assistant, etc among people is growing, it is considered that voice commerce is going to be the future of eCommerce. Developing a website supporting voice search can definitely help you to reach 60% of people searching or buying through voice search support.

Tips to develop a website with voice search intent:

  • Increase website visibility for voice search queries through optimizing website content.
  • Create a simple flow for your product to buy through voice search.
  • Develop website and app supporting voice-based navigation.

2. Social Commerce:

Social media channels are vital platforms for retailers to sell their products easily, speedily, and directly to their customers. The advertisement campaigns on these social media platforms allow buyers to know more about your products conveniently and reach your website to buy their desired product. So integrating your social media accounts while developing an eCommerce website can support

Benefits of Social Commerce in eCommerce development:

  • High engaging traffic to the website. Increase interaction with the target audience.
  • Build branding and product awareness.
  • Convenient consumer experience.
  • Increase conversion rates.

3. Omni Channel Commerce:

Omnichannel commerce is a multichannel approach for an eCommerce business to connect customers effectively irrespective of digital devices or platforms used by them. Ecommerce selling cannot stick to single-channel because 73% of online shoppers use different channels for their online shopping.

Benefits of Omnichannel commerce:

  • Provides customer retention through enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Allows providing centralized database supporting multiple channels and customized user experience.
  • Integrate both offline and online purchasing experience.

4. Mobile eCommerce:

As the mobile device is becoming the preferred channel for online shopping by consumers, the mobile-friendly optimization on the website is a demand trend that needs to follow while developing a website for an online shop. Creating a mobile-optimized eCommerce website can help you to reach 79% of consumers using their mobile phones to purchase online and sustain the business for a long time.

Benefits of Mobile eCommerce:

  • Easy to access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Provides a user-friendly experience.
  • Rapid transactions.
  • Allows to track customer location and personalize notifications.

5. Progressive Web Apps(PWA):

Progressive Web Apps is a key trend used in the eCommerce development service to provide innovative and easy ways to attract customers and enhance online sales. Instead of spending on native mobile apps, online businesses can utilize the advantage of PWA to support a better mobile experience for their consumers. PWA can definitely dominate the eCommerce industry in the future.

Benefits of Progressive Web App:

  • Low-cost development with high-quality features.
  • App-like appearance and behavior.
  • Easy and rapid installation.
  • App store submission is optional.
  • Renders seamless offline support.
  • Supports alert and push notification functions.


Following the above-mentioned eCommerce development trends in 2022 can guarantee to keep your eCommerce business ahead of the competition.  Digital Atrium, the most creative eCommerce development company can build eCommerce websites with the latest trends to provide a more feasible customer experience, engagement, and increase in sales. Get a free quote for the design or redesign of the eCommerce website now.