6 Ways to Retarget your Customers through Google Ads

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the process of displaying your ads again and again to the people who have visited your website ads. Create ads based on the parameters like target audiences’ locations and professions that Google Ads gives you. Using these parameters, you can create multiple ad campaigns targeting particular niches.
Based on the performance of the campaign, you can retarget users who have visited your product or service on your site. Create a tailor-made campaign for these users according to what they searched on your website. By including retargeting in your strategies, you can achieve new levels of business growth without exceeding your marketing budget.

Retargeting can be achieved by following 6 effective ways to improve your conversion and brand awareness.

1. Standard Retargeting:

Standard retargeting allows you to show ads to all people who have visited your website. This retargeting can be achieved by tracking cookies of the user’s browser who visited your business website. Google uses these cookies to identify the visitors of your site and helps to display retargeting ads to those people in all Google display network sites. Using this paid promotional idea you can convert those users into paying customers.

2. Dynamic Retargeting:

Dynamic retargeting ads are customized display ads to all users who have reached your website. It shows tailored ads based on the user’s previous product or service content search on your website. Dynamic retargeting on Google collects information of users’ search and interprets it, matching your best product or service that can fit them.

3. Mobile App Retargeting:

Mobile app retargeting uses the same procedure as standard retargeting. You can use this retargeting approach to reach your mobile app users or mobile website visitors.

4. Search Ad retargeting:

Search ad retargeting is the way of reaching your website visitors again in Google search results. It is a PPC strategy that particularly targets the customers who visited your business site. Google shows this search ad to a particular person who has reached your website before when they search a specific keyword again.

5. Video Retargeting:

Video retargeting is applicable for YouTube videos you’ve posted. Reach YouTube viewers who are interested in your business through video retargeting ads. You can link YouTube and Google Ads accounts to start a campaign from the Google Ads dashboard targeting a list of viewers who have watched certain videos on your channel. Your video ad will be shown to those viewers while searching Google, visiting Google Ads partners’ sites, and while watching YouTube videos.

6. Email List Retargeting:

Email list retargeting is the most recent form of retargeting available in Google Ads. It is performed based on the customer match email list collected for your business. You can add this full list of email addresses to ad campaigns to reach those users when they login into those accounts. It is a great opportunity for business stakeholders who use email marketing to convert leads or customers.

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