Better Make your Website Cross-Browser Compatible for Consistency

You have a website made for your digital presence to enhance your business, but it is necessary to build and test your cross-compatible websites as you can assure that your web pages will be good and work well on everyone’s machine or device, just as it does on yours.

With the advent of the internet age, the use of websites has increased phenomenally over the past decades and its growth is not slowing down at all. People all over the world view the content here from multiple web-enabled devices, like smartphones, and machines by using unique browsers.

Naturally, every browser between Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer, has its own way of rendering the content and each comes with mobile and desktop versions. Web pages have to work flawlessly across multiple devices and browser combinations to establish your business and brand credibility in order to cater to all potential customers.

Make your website compatible with all browsers for the best user experience

It is important to know the target audience and consider the browser’s market share for that target audience you aim for. Then you should consider testing the website on such browsers considering their worldwide market share, like on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which can take up 86% of the market share. However, consider testing on the other browsers too, like Edge, UC browser, etc. Prioritize which ones to test most extensively. Your team can consider the following ways to test compatibility.
Use mobile and desktop browser emulators for each browser or set them up at device labs. You can also perform cross-browser testing using a cloud-based platform to test the browsers on actual devices. Downloading browser emulators and testing web pages would take time and effort and may lead to delays. Setting up on-premise device labs and updating regularly according to market trends can also be expensive and needs investment. A better alternative is to go for cloud-based platforms that provide a real device cloud for cross-browser testing. You need to select the desired platform like Android, iOS, etc., and the browser versions to test. Here are some tips to make your website cross-browser compatible.

  •  Keep your code simple and it will be also more maintainable and more cross-browser friendly.
  •  Use frameworks to give a style code to make cross-compatibility easy and also build a responsive web application faster.
  •  Define a valid Doctype which is the first line in your code that describes HTML to be used in your application.
  •  It is good to validate your HTML and CSS to prevent problems and keep your code as error-free as possible.
  •  Conditional Comments allow you to link style sheets to different browsers.
  •  As every browser has different default CSS rules, you should use a CSS reset style sheet to ensure your browsers follow the same basic rules.

For any business to be successful online, a browser-friendly website is very important. It helps brand building and equity via both the desktop and mobile platforms. Even when you keep all this in mind during web-development something might not work in one browser. So, you need to use Cross-Browser Testing to see it actually works before delivering or hosting it.

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