Choose the right UI design pattern for a better website experience

UI design is part of the website’s main interface, the right approach to design patterns will boost user experience. If user interfaces aren’t consistent then the website would yield confused and frustrated users and above all can drive even the most promising products to failure.

Here are some specific approaches that really help you choose an effective UI pattern, when designing your website for easy accessibility to users, or potential customers, besides providing a good user experience overall.

Plan it out

A UI design pattern needs to be carefully formed in the designer’s as well as developer’s desk, as it can be a guide to help solve some recurring problems that may occur while deigning the website. The website design should have accessibility and be optimised to help the visitors or customers satisfy their needs or accomplish their goals.

Easy Login.

Users using their existing social media accounts can login as it offers easy access and encourages the user to browse further on. This simple method will not discourage anyone unwilling to create a new account. If any registration is needed the form should be simple to fill up with only the necessary fields. This can improve the user experience (UX) and encourage the user to visit time and again. For instance, a Facebook account can be used to sign-up.

Another design pattern suggested is a lazy sign-up approach for visitors. Let the visitor browse the site for a while before filling any registration form. This is because a majority of visitors don’t like to register or sign-up just to try out the website. However, if it meets their expectation they would surely sign-up.

Easy navigation.

Enabler users browsing to quickly jump to sections of the site. Most users or visitors to the site may want quick accessibility to specific sections of the site, or even directly access the functionality or content they want, or are looking for. If visitors need to use a tab or scroll up or down, and find the site loading slowly, it could frustrate them and probably make them quit the site.

Allow users to jump a whole portion of the site, without navigating through a hierarchy of sections. Create tabs or short cut buttons to take the user to the sport they want. This will encourage them to stay on, or use your site more often.

Innovate on the UI.

Try to find out what your users want or are looking for. Do some research to help you make specific changes in parts of the interface to help them out, but still fit in the design pattern. This is the innovation that help them comprehend the site, help satisfy their needs and accomplish their goals. This will create a better user experience (UX) and guide you to hit upon the right design pattern for your website.

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