Social Media inspired marketing can help drive seasonal sales.

The social media space is ever widening and 2018 has been no exception. In the realm of e-commerce, the end of the year embraces a festive season and social media platforms are gearing up to play their roles. Digital Atrium’s Social Media Services provides an opportunity to brands to react swiftly to the feedback analysed. Whether positive or negative, you have to respond the right way.

Social media’s role in purchasing and gifting.

The growing influence of social media is undoubtedly affecting consumer buying behaviour. Given the fact that social media use is near universal among millennials, the platforms are sure to inspire this generation. Promoted brands are sure to make their presence when potential customers are browsing their feeds. This can translate into driving sales up in the next months of seasonal buying, like for Christmas.

Target your audience.

Targeted ads by brands help build awareness. Even as the digital space gets more crowded and ad blocking is more used, surveys found that direct targeted advertising helped consumers discover new brands and products on social media. This method has a future and a strategy for seasonal marketing with Facebook and YouTube being most popular with millions of views. Instagram too has shoppable posts and programmatic ads.

A mixed strategy still works.

However, brands wisely follow a mix of traditional and digital marketing, with other influencers also involved, such as TV spots or celebrity. The ability for click-through ads, found inserted in social media sites, to help in linking to brand websites or a shopping page/retailer, also allows consumers to make impulsive purchases.

Just increase engagement.

Although opportunity to buy products within social media platforms are still currently limited, it certainly has a lot in the future as the space widens, becomes more engaging and alternatives become available. An example being the advent of mobile technology, which has changed the social and market scenario over time and distance.

Helps Insight and Research.

The social media platform can provide exclusive incentives to consumers and unlike most digital marketing tools this media is free to use and promote brands. The method also helps in marketing strategy as it provides more insights into the consumer market and supports market research.

So if you are considering social media in your marketing strategy, Digital Atrium can provide you all the services and support with choices of SEO, SEM, SMO or SMM and mobile apps, over a package deal. Just contact us or leave us an enquiry.