Digitally empower your business continuity plan to overcome a disruption.

Face business disruption in future confidently; overcome it with a business continuity plan and empowered with a digital transformation plan. Your business leadership can face natural disasters, office work suspending, accidents, massive power outages, etc. sometimes very unexpectedly that radically affect the day to day operations of your business or organisation.

The recent ongoing pandemic crisis is a lesson to learn and we learn how to handle the new normal. It also prompts us to design a business continuity plan that’s flexible and agile to keep running the business via a virtual office.

Digital Atrium has the potential to digitally transform your business and helps to host it on the internet using a dynamic website with all the add-ons and apps required to keep things running. You can continue to optimise on this plan as you go on, in response to the markets and environment.

This post is not exclusively about the coronavirus pandemic crisis but how it guides us to think or plan ahead of a crisis. By making our business web hosted and internet enabled and going online, when facing potential disruptive scenarios that may arise suddenly in the real world, our business and brand can survive the crisis relatively better.

Digital enablement works.  Focus on the technological impact and plan to keep networks up & alive, consider server backups online, secure bandwidth needed and consider collaborative tools and representative dynamic websites. But consider also employee experience in the situation, like working WfH (Work from Home) until the situation is resolved.

Make ready Digital Marketing for the New Normal. One thing we must be aware is that the new normal is filled with ‘unknowns’. So, threats and disruptions can be people centric, global and maybe ongoing over long periods. Resort to digital marketing methods, like SEO, SMO, etc. or employ apps/channels, wherever applicable in the new normal, as physical movement and transport could be curtailed severely. Get the relevant content digitalised and updated, be it Infographics, YouTube video clips, online demos, websites, multimedia formats, etc.

Prepare your Workforce. Your business continuity plan is not just technological but is people dependant too. Prepare your workforce and plan to keep your datacentre up and workforce working online, even 24×7, whatever happens outside cyberspace.

Model Your Virtual Workspace. Plan a shared library by uploading files, build and manage a to do list, and have real-time discussions with all stakeholders, everything in your virtual workspace. Create an easy-to-manage library or database by accessing online tools to search, store, and cite documents for your work all in one place. Remember to secure it too.

Digital Atrium simplifies your business continuity strategy by just leveraging normal infrastructure that exists, avoiding the need for separate or special tools, devices, applications, bandwidth or recovery systems and also by offering practical web-based deployment options.

The Digital Atrium division of ANGLER helps your company go online with digitised operations during any planned or unforeseen business disruption. We can provide a secure digital workspace for your workforce to access and operate, enabled with the relevant content, apps and backup necessary. We provide you answers to plan for a virtual office or online business platform by a multitude of web-based solutions and outsourced solutions.

The required system can be built, or customised, or integrated to sustain your existing business or service online. Learn more about how or what we can do to help as a reliable partner. Please make a visit to –  You can also leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.