The Great Lockdown and the rise of online digital activities

The novel Coronavirus pandemic has put the world into a crisis. It has caused a great Lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus. Despite the great difficulties and hardships here is also an opportunity to harness the power of technology, especially the internet, to modernise and address inequalities of life.

Technology and the internet has brought many stakeholders on-board, whether they are people , businesses, organisations, or governments. They are forced to adopt as best possible, to carry on in spite of the massive social and economic disruption. A sudden surge in online activity is proof of this with 73% increase observed in online search volume. People in towns and cities ha e to stay at home to be safe.

They have to work from home and the concept has been very widely adopted by all those possible. The result is heavy traffic over online channels. A 40% increase in WhatsApp application online has been recorded; 4% up in a searches for online banking; a 3% increase in online grocery shopping.

India too is learning to do things online, forced by the present circumstances to go digital. The lockdown has forced lots of people to go online, like for paying bills, purchasing or ordering and even praying via the internet.

So, Go Digital. Whatever your business or service may be, think out the possibilities to go digital and transfer most activities to the internet without undue risks.  Going online is a good alternative presently in this crisis. Considering the repercussions of the lockdown, it will it will take time to get back to normal. The lockdown can be rolled off only in phases of time and over specified geographic areas.

Thanks to Technology & Digital Marketing. Thanks to telecom tech, the internet, mobile apps, smartphones and compatible devices, all this has made a big difference to our quarantine lives and online presence. As for digital marketing, although the population of internet users has multiplied, it too has been affected. A decline in commercial traffic has been observed; online marketing campaigns have been withdrawn affecting the budgets for advertising and marketing. But digital marketers can take this opportunity to learn and study their data pool and use analytics to study the new environment. They can research and reframe their strategies and project the future trends. Marketers can spend this time to regroup and develop new content based on research and analysis. They can develop supportive content like videos or infographics. It’s also a good time to share info and knowledge and for mentoring.

The future of our digital ecosystem will have to emerge out of this socio-economic-medical conundrum. Digital Atrium can provide a host of web-based solutions, mobile apps and outsourced solutions, that can be customised to build or sustain your business or service. Learn more about what we can do to help you. Pay a visit to – Or just to leave us an enquiry and we will get in touch.