Leveraging Social Media for your eCommerce Business in the Best Way

Brands that have gone online should be able to sync their marketing efforts with social media accounts to make the most of it. Sometimes there is a disconnect between the two, as each of these is working in separate silos and unable to add value to one another. We will see here how a few social media marketing strategies can be used to integrate your social media efforts with your eCommerce venture to drive better customer engagement and conversions for your business or service.

Leverage on social media platforms

Creating your social media content for eCommerce can depend on who your target audience is, the type of business you run, and the product or service you are offering. There is no one correct way of doing it but you can follow best practices that help power your social media efforts to run your eCommerce business successfully.

Focus on your about section or bio

Don’t miss out on the basics because when a consumer reads content on social media they also check your webpages to know what your business is and look up your about section (or bio) too. So clearly state your business or service and your value proposition. Your content can only have one link in every post.

While platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest allow a different link in every post, Instagram only allows you to add one link. Keeping in mind the restrictions made by social media platforms, make use of link optimization tools in your bio designed for commercial businesses. It also allows you to create an intuitive shoppable link for the page to help the consumer to click on the URL, and complete the purchase, instead of landing on the website.

Livestream Shopping

Using social media to drive sales, also known as Livestream shopping, brands are using this streaming content format to promote and sell their products to consumers who are watching. Use solutions to connect your social media platforms and the backend of your storefront to make live shopping more engaging.

Show user-generated content

User-generated content is a popular way to discover new products and can tempt you to make a purchase by your target customer. Display your social media feed on the online storefront with help of apps.

Shoppable Social Posts can help

Make your posts shoppable. So, tag the product displayed in the picture shared to engage the audience you attract on social media and to connect to your store to prompt a purchase or lead them to the website. If consumers tap on the shop bag appearing on the post, it will reduce the sales cycle a shopper needs to get through.

Paid advertising can help

Try out paid advertising on social media platforms for your eCommerce business to target better all those users who are potential buyers of your product. Another way to reach out is to collaborate with social media influencers that people follow for new trends.

Use YouTube to reach

YouTube is an influential video marketing tool you should use. People search for even very small things here and your product could be one. Upload a video or tutorial related to your product or service here to reach your customer amongst some 2 billion active users.


Social media by far is increasingly becoming a big part of everyone’s life. Therefore, it is the best way to spread brand awareness and generate sales or business and build a customer base. The strategies discussed earlier can really leverage social media platforms for gaining awareness, sales, and traffic for your eCommerce business.

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