What is Social Commerce and How it Benefits the Business

Knowing the rapid usage of social media platforms, online retailers started to focus on social commerce. It’s considered that 90% of the Asian population is surfing consumer products through mobile commerce. So the brands and retailers are utilizing these social media channels to a greater extent, thus introducing a new concept in the digital marketing world called social commerce.

What is Social Commerce?

The usage of social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter by brand owners & retailers as a booster to promote and sell their products. It creates a mini shopping experience for the active social users on their pages. It allows direct interaction and influences them to buy products or share with friends & followers or give a review of the products easily on social media pages.

Benefits of Social Commerce for Businesses:

As social media companies are creating new capabilities and functionalities to make the shopping journeys feasible for both customers and sellers, so the growth of social commerce is increasing.

Here are the benefits of social media commerce for businesses.

Frequent Audience Growth:

The statistical report states that in the world every day thousands of new users join social media sites and millions of active users are on it. An increase in usage of social media channels stimulates the interactions of social commerce fast. Thus for the brand owner & retailers who uses social commerce, their audience is growing consistently.

Improve Search Engine Ranking:

Increased engagement on social media commerce by the audience will definitely bring more traffic to the websites. Sharing website content on social media through posts is an excellent process to drive traffic to business websites. Thus eventually will improve your ranking on the search engines.

Loyal Customers and Retention:

Using social media commerce for businesses not only sells your product but also builds a good relationship with people. By engaging with prospects directly through conversations on comments or inboxes, a company can build & maintain strong trust and loyalty. This encourages a happy client to repurchase the products again.

Business Metrics from Social:

ROI is the main objective of any business marketing; it can be achieved easily through social commerce. Social media channels give insights for business to measure their key performance indicators. It gives traffic to their websites, followers, likes, etc. in an analytical report to measure their business page performance.

Thus understanding the above benefits of social media commerce for businesses 76% of Indian retailers moved to social commerce shops. Its consider that 228 million Indian business owners will become social media commerce shoppers by the end of 2022. So when the competition grows, you ensure that your business investment is in the right way of social commerce. Digital Atrium, the most reliable digital partner can help you achieve social commerce shop for your business. Get complete social media management of your business page by reaching us at info@digitalatrium.com.