Opt for SEO-friendly web-development to help you gain more business

The internet has changed our lives drastically. For any business, manufacturer or service provider, a digital presence is essential. But the web address can also become a useful marketing tool if developed on SEO-friendly terms. Here are some tips to make your website generate more enquires and attract better traffic.

Your website design should integrate social media. As social media is extremely popular both with potential customers as well as search engines, include social media elements and the icons in your web design right from the beginning.

Use SEO for images on the website. Not only optimise the text in your website, but the images too, to help increase ranking. Ideally choose a 72dpi image, not too large, to help the site to load up easier and place them carefully for better visibility. In the text area make use of keywords. The more relevant the webpage the better the site ranking.

Make Use of JavaScript sparingly. Search engines keep crawling through websites to index them and may struggle with JavaScript. It doesn’t work well on mobile devices also and thus may hinder the user-friendliness of your site.

Your URL should be user-friendly. The URL for your website should be SEO-friendly to help the search engines crawling determine what the page holds. So, limit the categories in the link. Separate words in the URL using hyphens.

Place keywords in as many different places. Keywords can be put into not only in the text but in other different places, like the URL, title tag, meta descriptions, breadcrumb trails, footer links, and many more places.

Your website design should be accessible. If your site is not accessible, or not viewable, on all browsers, it will affect your conversion rate and ranking. If it loads slowly or is difficult to navigate, it will again affect ranking.

Beware of Flash elements. More use of Flash in a site can slow it down, or pull it down in ranking, as search engines don’t really value them.

Fill up with Quality Content. Qualitative Content in the form of blogs, infographics, podcasts, reviews, etc. are all important for visitors and search engines to index your site and generate traffic.

Link building can help. Link building is one of the most talked about SEO tasks. If other websites offer a link to your site, it will do good for ranking results, as they act like voles for popularity. Get better ranking for right use of keywords in text and descriptions.

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