Thriving in the Digital Landscape: The Future of Advertising Lies in Online and Streaming

With the advent of new technologies, the advertisement industry has changed radically. Online video streaming has rapidly grown globally, opening the gates of a new age of advertising, namely – Video Content Advertising.

Researchers have confirmed this fact and advertising marketers are looking towards Google and Facebook to make their ad campaigns successful and effective. The key objective of video advertising which is to increase brand awareness and recall remains true.

Smartphone & mobile networks.

The phenomenal increase in the use of smartphones and rapidly expanding mobile networks, with new technologies, has surprised the world and markets. By the end of 2015, nearly 50% of online videos were being streamed on mobile devices. With the availability of cheaper 4G data packs and smartphone handsets, mobile video traffic has multiplied across the mobile platforms, but desktop traffic has diminished.

Ad agencies and online publishers are harvesting this opportunity. In fact, in emerging markets, like in India, the internet is accessed largely with smartphones (about 60%) by users. It has been predicted to skyrocket every year by analysts, thereby also providing the revenue source of the future for marketers.

Interestingly 90% of revenue made by Google comes from advertisements. But the biggest fear of such revenue earners, like Facebook, Google and others, is the “Ad Blocker” and its rising use world-wide. With the technology race going wild it is difficult for ad professionals to keep pace with all things digital and have to bravely face the challenges of emerging technologies and multiple media platforms upfront.

The new media ahead.

Social media advertising will continue as one of the most popular media for advertisers. But each and every social media platform is unique and campaigns have to be skilfully created to suit each of them as it will be more personalised and hyper-local, as per the trends.

Location based mobile technology and data is dictating the way ads should work. Perceptibly location-based ads will be more successful and highly targeted.

Application-based advertising has a promising future indeed, as app usage continue to spread dramatically, even in emerging economies. In-app advertisement will rule the roost. The interface designers just have to be careful to be not too intrusive with the campaigns on mobile platforms.

Potential tech ahead.

Other areas that are emerging as a potential platform, are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), found mainly in the gaming and entertainment industries. However, as devices and gadgets evolve, VR & AR are gaining acceptance and convergence. “Blockchain” is another emerging technology that can potentially make advertising more secure.

The future of advertising will have to emerge out of this techno chaos, to be successful and sustainable. Let time unfold the story! At Digital Atrium we provide a host of multimedia and web-based solutions that can be customised for your business, industry, trade or service. To find know more about our capabilities and to let us help you, visit us at –  or just to leave us an enquiry.