Purpose and Benefits of Product Demo videos

A product demonstration video will be one of the best sales tools if you have a high-quality product. An interesting and informative product demonstration helps businesses to reach targeted audiences and make them excited about the solution offered. It is also an effective way to address the prospect’s specific product-related concerns. So, it is beneficial for businesses to have a well-versed demo video.

According to a recent survey

  • 73% More Visitors Who Watch Product Videos Will Buy
  • 71% of Consumers Think Video Explains the Product Better
  • 58% of Shoppers Think Companies with Product Videos Can Be Trusted

Below are the benefits of product demo videos

Creates Interest

Product demonstrations gives visual aid and enhances the quality of sales presentation. End users who are more visual or hands-on learners often need to see the product in action to fully grasp its value and potential. If the presentation is interesting and eye-catching then the user will be more interested about the product.

Conveys Ownership

An effective demonstration video also serves the purpose of instilling a sense of ownership of the product to the customers. Just consider an example, car salespeople typically try to get a buyer behind the wheel to feel what it would be like to own and drive the car. Free trials have a similar intent, but in demo presentations users can experience temporary ownership of a product without the risk of paying for it.

Lessen Concerns

Demo videos also helps to combat product-related concerns of a buyer. Users often come with preconceived notions or misinformation based on things they have heard in the marketplace; demo videos canease those user concerns and help them to know more about their interested products.

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