Cascading Style Sheets are the basic building blocks of web design. There are a number of CSS Preprocessor, LESS, Sass, Stylus, and Swith CSS. Have you confuse choosing on CSS preprocessor language. Here the two best CSS preprocessors Sass vs LESS most widely used by developers.

Let see the comparison between Sass vs LESS.

CSS most powerful extensions are SASS and LESS, both are compatible so it can be converted files with .css extension to .less and .scss respectively. LESS is JavaScript based and Sass is Ruby based.


You need to install ruby to run Sass, ruby already preinstalled with the new version of Linux and OSX. To install sass use the following comment “sudo gem install sass”.

There are also other libraries, such as “libSass” open Sass without any need for Ruby.

When comparing Less vs. Sass it’s clear that Sass is more like programming. It has if/the/else statements, for loops, while loops, and each loops.

If you are well with writing programming languages, like JavaScript or Ruby, there will be nothing new. you can able to use them in your stylesheets, thanks to preprocessors.


You will need NodeJS to run LESS because it’s written in javascript

“npm install -g less” is the comment used to install on Linux and Mac operating system.

To compile into CSS use the following comment – “lessc styles.less styles.css”
Code Editor – for Sass and LESS

Here is a list of popular ones below for edit codes

Code Editor SASS LESS
SublimeText Sass Bundle Less-sublime
Notepad++ Notepad-plus-plus Less-for-Notepad-plusplus
VisualStudio SassyStudio CSS is Less
TextMate SCSS.tmbundle Less.tmbundle
Eclipse Eclipse platform Eclipse for Less
Coda Coda Sass Coda 2 Less

Basically, Sass is next level. Most agree that Sass is better than LESS because:

  • It has better language syntax.
  • SASS has more features than LASS.
  • It has Compass.

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