Take advantage of visual content in your digital marketing push.

Think of the right type of content as your greatest strength when going online. It is crucial for a strong online presence via a digital marketing campaign. However visual content is probably the strongest form although text based content is an integral part of content marketing, as it is gaining popularity and trending.


Visual content can be broadly listed as: Images, photos, video, infographics, memes, comics, presentations, screenshots, data visualisation and calls to action. A study found that 65% of the population are visual leaners. So, the most practical approach to communicate is to use visual content. Therefor create visual content for your company. Use the content to build your brand online and attract potential traffic.


Your company will find the content pretty advantageous in digital marketing when doing Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing and Social media optimization. Visual content will be especially useful for your social media campaigns and online marketing strategies.

Your visual content will also compliment your UX/UI designs to offer a predictive, desirable and cohesive effect on users, visitors or target audience. The UI allows the user to accomplish whatever task they intend and the UX is focused on making users get the desired outcome comfortably.


With the advent of advance mobile and wireless technologies, the realm of digital marketing has traversed into the mobile realm thereby adding another extensive market of mostly millennium users/customers. Mobile applications and smartphones have become an extension of the internet’s cyberspace with high levels of customisation possible. Social media platforms have thus gained heavily in this mobile realm. Owing to extensive mobile usage, mobile websites have gained popularity and developers taken to the responsive web design format for better market penetration.


Social media platforms and apps have gained unprecedented user population worldwide, augmented by hand-held mobile devices. Millions are registered via their smartphones on one or many of these social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Telegram, Pinterest, Snapchat and others. Undoubtedly the visual content being shared or distributed in these apps is tremendous. Millions of users use these apps frequently and both users and apps are multiplying thanks to this relatively new technology.

The future of digital marketing strategies will have to leverage on the right text and visual content. Digital Atrium offers a host of web-based solutions that and mobile integration, which can be customised, to make your business successful and sustainable. Learn more about how we can help you at – https://www.digitalatrium.in. You can also leave us an enquiry. Our team will get in touch with you.