Top Web Design Trends

There’s no clear-cut scientific formula or predefined algorithms for a great design, because it’s undoubtedly considered more of an art than a science. There are many native patterns in existence, which seem to reappear many times and again. These may be considered as popular design techniques but from an industry perspective many people prefer these as design trends.

This article delves the most fascinating design trends, which has gained recognition by modern web designers. These trends have been created by people who are willing to push boundaries; all trends have a direct effect on the design industry as a whole. Trends which are going to be discussed below are the latest budding methodologies which is going to rule the design world

Ghost Buttons

One of the latest emerging trends in web design is the ghost button. This method follows the footsteps of flat UI design, where these buttons use a single color background with a seemingly 2-dimensional appearance. By default Ghost buttons will be designed to be empty or semi-transparent and lights up on hover which adds some color and distinctive notoriety to the design style. Ghost buttons are perfect for flat or minimalist layouts and can be used in combination with many other design techniques for creating brilliant websites.

Feature Icons

Startups, mobile apps, and creative technologists like to use blocks of text and graphics to outline their features. Most of the time these features will be placed on the homepage, lists which are based on texts which often rely on icons to help or describe the feature which has been listed. This has become very popular and it’s been used in various websites.

Galleries & Slideshows

Modern websites can run intact dynamic galleries and media slideshows on various screen size. Smartphone browsers have come a long way combined with responsive design techniques .Code libraries can be released using open source plugins, which results with fantastic documentation. JQuery enabled frontend development will be much easier, this trend has skyrocketed into prominence over the last few years.

Fixed Sliding Navbar

Fixed headers has been recently adapted trend around years, majority of designers prefer to like fixed navigation bars which stay on top of the screen at all times. The most common techniques are to blend the navigation into the header; this is for a reason when a visitor lands on the page all navigation links should appear in header as they’re the of header section.

Many new design and development trends continue to emerge with each passing year. We certainly hope the trends above trends can light a spark in designers, both new and seasoned to the field. Web design is now more in demand than ever before, interested to know more about web design trends ,techniques and more contact us now…