Ways to optimize websites to get better conversion

Conversion is the most important factor considered for the success of online marketing strategy and goals. It means making website visitors to do what we expect, whether that is to buy a product, register for a service, and download a whitepaper or sign up for newsletter. Each of the above discussed features can be optimized to increase the conversion rate on websites. Listed below are the latest methodologies followed to optimize websites

Page title tags and Meta description analysis

Every page of the designed website should contain a keyword rich Meta description and a title tag. These terms are often the first impression for potential visitors to get of the appropriate company in the organic search results; this means it’s vital to use words in the appropriate fields to make them click through. Meta descriptions And Title tags interpret content in the pages to the search engines and visitors so they can know what they’re about. To optimize websites three things has to be taken care of, they are:

  • Compose each title tag and meta description unique
  • Keep them short and understandable
  • Concentrate on target audience
  • Writing and testing headlines

Headlines are the next stage of progression towards goal conversion. They’re what the visitors first read once they land on pages from SERP. There will be only a few seconds to pique searchers interest, so make sure about the headlines what you’re going to say. Consider 50/50 Rule of Headlines, just by spending half of the time in developing headlines and remaining half in implementing the developed the headline.

The copywriting experts in SEO market use the Four U’s approach to writing headlines they are:

Headlines and subheads should:

  • Be USEFUL to the reader.
  • Provide them with a sense of URGENCY.
  • Convey the idea and make sure that the contents are UNIQUE.
  • Justify that the above are in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way.

Use Calls-to-action

Calls-to-action (CTA) is the phrase commonly found in links, buttons and headlines, which provoke an action from website visitors. Make sure about what your calls-to-action should convey and be sure to test one CTA against another to compare which one is effective, undoubtedly this will result in more conversions.

Easy-to-submit form implementation

Now that you’ve convinced your visitor and they’re ready to take action (convert) so all they need is to submit a form on your website. Make sure you give them that opportunity! If you don’t, you’re just throwing potential leads away.

Continuous use of these items will start to generate more and more leads and customers through your website. To know more about best SEO practices and to be in top rank contact us now….